20041024 Walden Pond-Greenland Rolling Clinic-Cheri Perry 20041203 Windmill Point-To Graves light-Trip With Mark 20050129 Outfitting Workshop
20050316 Swampscott 20050319 Boston Harbor with Pablo 20050904-Conomo Pt Essex 20050906 Mystic Lakes
20050907 Nahant Surf Night 20050918-Conomo Pt Essex 20050920-Conomo Pt Essex 20050923 Walden Pond
20050925 Monomoy 20050927 Swampscott 20051002 City Point to Graves and Harbor tour 20051002 Pictures Nelson took of City Point to Graves and Harbor tour
20051021-20051023 Knubble Bay 20051027-20051029 Block Island 20051127 Beverly 20051203-XMAS-Party
20070511-20070513-Jewell-Island 20100929-Drysuit Workshop 20101107-Cold Water Workshop
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